When asked if honey is healthier than sugar, most people agree that it is the best option. It has numerous health benefits and intake of honey does improve your metabolism and helps you reduce weight. Even though honey and sugar add sweetness to what you eat, they have different ingredients and advantages. Sugar is not promoted as a healthy option due to its high-calorie content. As organic honey has better ingredients that boost health, it is preferred by most. Stevia is also another replacement for sugar. Totally, sugar is an unhealthy option which is why people shift to other components.

Sugar (effects on health)
Honey (effects on health)

Health concerns like obesity, diabetes and heart diseases

Great immunity booster

Intake of sugar can increase blood pressure and inflammation

Rich in antioxidants

 Speed up the process of ageing

Improves heart health


Honey and sugar have only simple carbohydrates but their compositions differ. For a healthy break, intake of honey-based fruit spreads is very effective. 

To look into the composition of sugar and honey: -

  • To fight obesity taking healthy spreads is always a great choice. It is highly appreciable to shift to organic honey rather than sugar.
  • Sugar has above 90% sucrose while honey is 38% fructose, 17% water, 31% glucose and 7% other pollen and carbohydrates.

Honey is a natural sweetener, taste giver and healthy element. Nothing can replace the goodness it can offer and its importance in healing wounds.

How does honey differ from sugar?

  • When compared to sugar, you only need to add a small amount of honey to your diet.
  • If you are afraid of blood sugar levels, then you can use honey instead of sugar as it has a lower glycemic index (the GI value).
  • Due to its high calorie, honey should be used in fewer amounts, don't overuse it. When compared to the pasteurized ones, organic honey is preferred.
  • As honey is 25% sweeter than sugar, you can use it in smaller doses. You can replace sugar with honey even in your beverages, be it tea, coffee or lemon. You can even drizzle traces of honey over your pizza to control its flavours or you can even replace your jams and jellies with honey.
  • Honey is known for curing wounds, burns and other tropical conditions. You can incorporate small amounts of honey in your recipes or have fruit spreads that have honey in it.

Comparison between sugar and honey

Health problems are caused by sugar when compared to honey as it only has sweetness and no minerals.

  • You will end up with weight gain, obesity, diabetes and heart diseases if you consume sugar at a higher rate. Honey has many anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties compared to sugar.
  • Moreover, it has added advantages like vitamin B6, vitamin C and other minerals like zinc, potassium, magnesium, manganese, chromium and much more. Sugar only adds sweetness to whatever it is mixed into. It doesn't have any minerals to provide us rather than the sweetness which in large amounts can cause harm to your body.
  • Even when choosing honey, try to have organic honey which has more minerals than taking pasteurized honey which loses most of its goodness while processing.

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